Why business Integration Project Management?
When it comes to business integration, few projects are “easy”. Many factors can be involved that increase complexity, including:
Network connectivity
must be planned based on the frequency and size of the data communications and transactions.
Trading partner systems
must properly transmit and receive transactions, and send appropriate acknowledgements.
Back end business systems
whether business system is must be able to accept and process the transactions.
Business processes
must be conducted with optimal efficiency and accuracy

With all of the variables involved with a business integration project, skilled project management is needed in order to properly implement the solution and manage changes in an orderly manner.
A project management methodology gives accountability to the implementation team while also clearly outlining expectations, timelines, risks and change management. And the project management plan provides an issue and resolution process to address challenges when they (inevitably) occur.
Expertly Managing business Integration Projects of All Shapes and Sizes
Enter Pars Consulting has a team of seasoned business integration project management experts with a wealth of experience with business integration projects of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are starting a new implementation, upgrading an existing system, or simply adding new trading partners or transaction sets, the Enter Pars team can bring your business integration project to successful fruition.

Our Proven business Integration Project Management Methodology
We leverage a comprehensive project management approach and methodology that includes:
Design and planning
to align the project with your business needs, goals and objectives.
Cost analysis
budget and resource allocation.
Finale project coordination
between IT, business, trading partners, and the integration team.
to address concerns or potential problems.
Change management
to ensure users, technical personnel and trading partners clearly understand the implementation and its impact.
Risk management
with clearly articulated mitigation strategies to avoid any potential negative incidents and reduce unwanted issues.
at project completion to ensure goals and expectations are achieved.

Leverage Our business Project Management Expertise
Our project management expertise is built upon years of real-world business and integration experience. Rather than handling this challenging function on our own, allow us to manage your business integration project for you.
Successful Integration Software Implementation
Enter Pars Consulting provides an array of business integration software implementation services for new installations, configuration changes and system upgrades. Our implementation services can be tailored to your specific business needs and consists of many options:
Deployment planning and preparation.
Software procurement, installation and setup.
Disaster recovery planning and failover testing.
Communications and coordination with key stakeholders.
Testing, including file transfer, system integration and system communications/network testing.
Stabilization and post-deployment support.
Data backup and restoration.
Workflow analysis and process change recommendations.
Trading partner setup, communications and coordination.
Mapping, map migration and data transformation services.
System troubleshooting, monitoring and diagnostics.
Product training for end users.
Technical training for administrators.
Performance optimization and health checks.
On-shore/near-shore development services Beyond the solution implementation.
Knowledge transfer for support operations, support desk setup, documentation and ramp-up.
Dashboard/Key Performance Indicator (KPI) metrics configuration, monitoring and reporting.

Proven business Integration Solution Implementation Expertise
Whether your business integration solution is part of a large global enterprise operation or a small- to medium-sized one, you’ll gain distinct advantages by partnering with Enter Pars Consulting .
Our business integration professionals offer decades of experience in EDI and business integration systems from a variety of industries. The knowledge and skill we bring to your implementation project will reduce the risk of problems and add value to the implementation. You’ll benefit from the knowledge and best practices gained through hundreds of successful business solution implementations.
When business integration software upgrades or migrations are involved, your business and IT implementation teams must consider the impact to trading partners as well as internal systems. With important order and invoice transaction processing at stake, your business cannot risk a failed upgrade or migration. And no matter what size your business may be, every business transaction is critical.

Completing Seamless business Integration Software Upgrades and Migrations
Guidance from an experienced partner is key to managing these variables and ensuring a smooth upgrade or migration. Our business integration consultants have performed hundreds of successful upgrades and migrations for business integration solutions across multiple industries, and our methods have been proven time and time again. Let us do the same for you.
Providing Expert business Support Services
Enter Pars Consulting provides expert business support services that can be tailored for any type of business integration solution. After completing implementation of your business. Enter Pars can provide the part-time or full-time ongoing support services required to keep your environment running at optimal levels. Our operational business support services include:

Routine monitoring of processes
Troubleshooting and diagnostics of errors
Review of system error messages and notifications with resolution
Proactive follow up with trading partners, business users or IT when needed
Single point of contact for business users and IT
Operations administration including reporting, metrics, and analysis
Documented procedures and incident reporting
Recommendations for optimizing and streamlining processes
Onboarding and coordinating for new trading partners

Flexible Support Services for Your Changing Needs
Because our support services are flexible, your company can begin with a small initiative and then ramp up when needed. Transition coordination is made simple because Enter Pars has the knowledge and proficiency to step in and assist in whatever capacity necessary—from strictly second-line support or help desk all the way to full system management and administration. Beyond problem-solving, your Enter Pars support team can bring to your business industry best practices and benchmarks to optimize your business support processes and make your business systems more efficient. Our consultants have experience in a variety of industries from manufacturing to distribution, retail, logistics, and more.

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